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Newsletters are a vital way of letting your customers get the information you need them to have. Whether your online store is having a special sale, your restaurant is having a daily special or you need to let people know about an upcoming event, newsletters are the way to do it.

Our Email Marketing Tools (EMT) offer the following features:

  • Website integration
  • List management
  • Notifications
  • Tracking
  • Personalized greeting
  • Customizeable HTML emails
  • Birthday or Anniversary Clubs

Pricing for our Email Marketing Tools is based on useage. That means if a couple months go by and you haven't sent any newsletters, we're not going to charge you a penny.

There is a one-time setup fee of $99. After that, pricing is as follows:

Total Emails Sent in a Month Price that Month   Total Emails Sent in a Month Price that Month
0 FREE 17,501-25,000 $100
1-1,000 $20 25,001-50,000 $150
1,001-5000 $25 50,001-100,000 $200
5,001-10,000 $50 100,001+ $15/10,000
10,001-17,500 $75    

Let's use a list of 500 email addresses as an example. If you don't send a newsletter out in a month, you pay nothing that month. Next month you send out one newsletter to that list, which would be $20. The next month you send two newsletters to that list, equaling 1,000 emails sent, and you would still pay only $20. The month after that you decide to send one newsletter every week for a total of 2,000 newsletters sent, which would cost $25.

If you have any questions, please email or call 910-538-6731 for more information. If you're ready to get started, fill out the form below.

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