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Worthy of the Buzz

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Babies at The Fuzzy Peach by Zach Dotsey

If you were in Wilmington, NC for the summer of 2010, you probably heard about The Fuzzy Peach, the most talked-about new eatery in town.

The Fuzzy Peach was the brainchild of three recent UNCW grads.  It’s a simple concept- you get a bowl, fill it up with whatever kind of frozen yogurt you want, load it up with all the crazy toppings your heart desires and pay for it based on how much it weighs.  We’ve been a couple times and really enjoyed it.  My one-year-old girl (seen here sharing some froyo with a friend) particularly loves it.

The first time we went the wife and I were planning on taking some friends of ours from out of town, and before they arrived I wanted to see what the store hours were so I took a minute to look up their website.  I was surprised by what I saw.  Here was the most talked about new place to go in town, and the site appeared to be thrown together with a .Mac account (seen above).  That’s all well and good, but a place with buzz like that needed a buzz-worthy website, so I decided to suggest that to them in an email.  I’m not usually one to make cold calls, but I figured there was nothing to lose.

A couple weeks went by and I didn’t really think anything of it, but one day I finally got a response.  They were interested in talking to us about a redesign, so I had Travis give them a call and, long story short, they had a few meetings and today they gave us a deposit.  I’m pleased to announce that Impulse and Venuecom are going to be updating The Fuzzy Peach’s website to give them a site worthy of their buzz!

Fewer Hats

Monday, June 14th, 2010

I’ve worn many hats in this job, the most recent ones being sales, support and design.  Being pulled in so many directions kept us steady, but dividing time up between three distinct jobs meant less focus was given to one or another at any given time.  We decided that if we want the company to grow, the team would have to grow too.

Travis RayWe determined that the best place to expand was in the design department.  We were looking for someone skilled in creating fresh, contemporary designs who was also comfortable talking to clients.  After all, it’s more efficient in web design to have a designer who can also sell, otherwise you’re playing the telephone game and details might get lost or you waste time going back and forth (designer to sales to client then client to sales to designer and so on).  We’ve been around long enough to know that the less interference there is between the designer and the client, the better the whole process flows.

So after a weeks-long search, we would like to welcome Travis Ray to the team.  Travis has an impressive design background and the ability to listen to what a client needs then take it a step further to improve upon their ideas.  He will be taking over the majority of the design duties as well as following up with new and existing clients.  We look forward to showcasing his skills, and I, in particular, look forward to wearing fewer hats.